Bulk SMS Promotions: What Is It?

Bulk SMS marketing is accomplished by sending large quantities of SMS messages to individuals who, ideally, have opted in to receive information from your company. Unlike more targeted mobile marketing that also takes into account the user's geographic location and purchasing habits, bulk SMS is more similar to traditional forms of marketing such as print advertising. Because the quantity of messages sent is extraordinarily high, companies relying on bulk SMS play the odds and take a smaller percentage of opt-ins out of a large number of advertisements. This number can still be extraordinarily large however, particularly when you send thousands or millions of SMS advertisements. Consider that if your company sent off advertisements to a much more targeted audience, you may realize a 10 or 20 percent return rate. For a thousand people, this would translate to approximately 100 to 200 users. A company that sends out 100,000 SMS messages and expects a 1 to 2 percent return will also realize 100 to 200 users. Neither method is inherently right or wrong, it's just a different way to advertise.

Think of a bulk SMS campaign as something akin to a feeding frenzy. This can be very effective when you use bulk SMS to draw attention to something that is time limited such as a content or poll. People love to react when they feel immediacy and nothing makes people react faster than a message that insists that they act now! This type of quick return can also defer user's attention from the fine print. If you're seeking a fast return on a campaign but you need people to also go to your website and complete a form, you might be better off creating a bulk SMS campaign with a call to action that doesn't focus on the longer range stuff. You'll still have to be engaging on your destination, but the initial hurdle of engaging a user has been accomplshed.

If you're in charge of a business that needs people to offer their opinion in some way, a bulk SMS campaign can generate votes quickly. Politicians regularly rely on bulk SMS campaigns to get a feel for how they are doing in their own campaign. Bulk SMS in this case, can also be a quick way to get your name or company name out there quickly. This is especially important if a relevant event is forthcoming, like an election. These types of campaigns tend to be effective for a single purpose, such as an even that will occur only once.