Integrating Mobile Marketing With Print Media

Although mobile technology, particularly the use of pad devices, have begun to push more traditional forms of media aside, there is still a healthy market hidden in print media. Print media, through the integration of mobile media, can become more dynamic, more interactive and more appealing, even for a largely mobile audience. The big box advertisers have not ignored the importance of print media and instead of writing it off as an obsolete type of advertising, have used it to strategically place mobile technology such as QR codes. In addition, many large companies are having apps created that allow mobile users to interact with print media in a way that wasn't possible just a few years ago.

QR codes, as well as recognition apps like Google Goggles and Microsoft Tag, are the leaders in the print-to-mobile game. These technologies are used to gently push users from offline or print media to online media such as smart phones or pad devices. Once the user has been engaged enough to draw them to mobile technology, the opportunities for marketing are almost limitless and nearly all of them are free. Research shows however that users are more likely to interact with a campaign if it offers a discount, coupon, a loyalty program or a contest. One or all of these can be integrated into your online campaign and the traffic can be engaged initially from the use of print media.

When integrating mobile with print media, it's important to understand that individuals who see the fruits of your mobile marketing campaign will need to decide pretty quickly if they will engage with your media. This is accomplished by providing users with a clear call to action alongside a QR code, for example. Being vague will simply get your advertising lost in the proverbial sea and will cost both revenue and expenses. Also, being clear about what the user will receive in return for their click, email, or other interaction is one of the most important factors in an effective print-to-mobile campaign.