The Online Guide to Marketing Resources

In the world of business, in order to succeed a number of things need to fall into place. One of the most important is the product or service that you are selling needs to be something that is appealing to potential customers. If you rely on selling your product or service at a specific location, it needs to be in a good location. Or, if you are selling your products online, it needs to be in a website that easy to read, understand and navigate. Plus, it must be easy to sell the product online without the need for customers to speak face-to-face with a salesperson

However, even the best product or service being sold in the best location needs a little help. Without potential customers knowing about your product, you will not have any sales and will not be able to stay in business. So, how do you tell the public about your product? Marketing, of course!

In the business world, marketing comprises many areas of a business. Marketing works with the products you offer, the way you sell the product, how much you charge for the product, how you tell the public about the product, what people think about when they hear about your product and much more!

Our team of marketing experts have put together some of the best resources on the subject. We hope this guide helps you learn more about marketing.

Marketing Definition

  • AMA Definition of Marketing – Comprehensive definition of marketing from the professionals at the American Marketing Association.
  • What is Marketing? – Helpful definition of the concepts of marketing is presented at the website.
  • Marketing Defined – Information and definition of the ideas that go into the marketing function.
  • Marketing Definition – Useful information and website which defines the meaning of marketing as it pertains to businesses.

Types of Marketing

  • Types of Marketing – Information and description of some of the different types of marketing that is used.
  • Marketing Strategies – Useful information describing some of the types of marketing strategies that can be employed.
  • Types of Marketing Strategies – Listing of some of the strategies that are employed via marketing.
  • Marketing Channels – Informative article on the various alternative marketing channels that small and mid-sized businesses can utilize.
  • Marketing Methods – Helpful list of various types of methods and theories used in the marketing world.

Advertising and Business Development


  • Branding Tips – Information on how branding works and how your business can benefit from proper branding.
  • What is Branding? – Simple definition of what branding is and how it works for companies.
  • Branding Defined – Helpful site providing a look at branding and how it applies in the business world.
  • Branding Tips – Collection of 25 easy to implement tips to help build a brand for a business.

Marketing Associations

Marketing Terminology

Other Marketing Resources

  • Marketing Resources – Site designed for marketing professionals but also helpful for novices providing resources in marketing.
  • Marketing Resource Sites – Resourceful website which provides a number of useful links and information about marketing and advertising.
  • Advertising Resources – Useful website that contains a number of resources and information for advertising.
  • Marketing and Advertising Resources – Columbia Library’s collection of resources in the marketing and advertising field.