Mobile Marketing Strategy

Casting information about your product or service out en masse is hardly the most effective way to get attention and business. Marketing to mobile users is also significantly different from more traditional forms of marketing such as print or television advertising. The mobile user is the fastest growing market but it's also focused on immediacy and instant gratification. In addition, you as the business owner receive instant feedback for most mobile marketing campaigns, saving you time and money in making changes that are more effective in reaching an audience. Understanding the most effective ways to utilize mobile marketing requires a mobile marketing strategy. This should be formulated by someone well versed in mobile marketing because it requires a thorough understanding of mobile market users, platforms and techniques.

Mobile users are different than computer users, and that difference includes their income and expendable finances. According to the popular website, the average mobile user who relies frequently on digital coupons has an annual income of approximately $96,000. More than a third of these people also have a college degree, so many traditional forms of marketing may not be as effective with this more savvy audience. This means that your company's mobile marketing strategy has to be as smart as the people you are targeting, particularly those who have money.

Part of an effective mobile marketing strategy should include a holistic approach to marketing. What that means is, keep the user engaged, no matter what platform they are currently using. Mobile users are also invariably desktop and tablet users and your strategy should include developing versions of your website that are optimized for each of these platforms. This means that the user who has been engaged by your mobile marketing approach has an experience on their computer or tablet device that is comparably positive. No one wants to click through your mobile marketing ad on their smart phone, only to be taken to a website that doesn't fit on their mobile screen. Consider your strategy from all possible formats and have those in place before you embark on any mobile marketing campaign.

When you're engaging customers and potential customers with your mobile marketing campaign, don't ignore the value behind QR codes to draw additional traffic. QR or quick response codes are black and white graphics that can be added to business cards, flyers or any type of print or online media. Users simply scan the code and can be taken to any one of a number of destinations including websites and special offers. Mobile marketing strategy should include the use of these codes wherever possible, because they don't cost your company anything to create but they can produce significant traffic and thus revenue.