How To Generate A QR Code: What You Need To Know

There's not really pretty to look at but you've probably seen QR codes just about everywhere one can find advertising, from flyers to Sunday circulars and even restaurant menus. These odd looking black and white codes can be configured however to direct potential customers right to your website, coupon offer or other related source of information.

The technology used to create QR codes is relatively new and the standards of practice are dynamic. For the most part however, people who see your code are encouraged by your accompanying ad to use their mobile device and the appropriate free app to scan the code. Once scanned, you, the business owner have the choice as to what it is you want the customer to see.

The QR code itself is relatively easy to generate and requires a computer, internet connection and access to software or a website that can generate the code. In many cases, using the software or website is completely cost free or may have a nominal cost. Free software and websites that generate QR codes don't lose out on revenue, because they make plenty from advertising that appears when you are inputting data to generate the code.

Before you even generate a QR code, you'll want to identify your goals for a campaign that will disseminate QR codes. Are you interested in drawing people to your website or maybe you'd like to offer potential customers an offer that will act as an incentive for them to make a purchase. The goal of the QR becomes your destination in terms of what you put into the software or website that will generate the code. Be crystal clear about your intent and make sure the destination matches the ad that contains the QR code. Nothing is more frustrating than scanning a QR code that claims to offer a 50% savings, only to be sent to the company's main web page with no further instructions for getting the discount. You'll drive customers away with this kind of incongruity so make sure you test out any QR code and be sure it makes sense.

QR codes can also be used to collect information about the people who scan your code. This can provide you with invaluable information that you can use to further target your QR offers. Several software programs and websites that generate QR codes will offer you the option to track user data and it may be a good idea to use this information periodically to make changes. QR codes can be generated in several different sizes too, and you may want to try using all of them and track the resulting information to identify the most effective size.

When you have all your relevant information about the source for the QR code, the size of the code or codes you want to test and any information you may want to harvest, it's time to load the software or go to the QR generating website. Input all your information carefully, checking for errors and simply click on the generate button. You may be prompted to save the QR codes on your PC or you can also right-click the code and save it to your desktop. Be sure to link the information that's attached to the code in a file with the code so you don't have to wonder where a specific QR leads.