What Can Using Near Field Communication Do For Your Company?

NFC technology, which utilizes light induction linking to facilitate the exchange of information between a smart device and other technology, is quickly becoming one of the leading ways to advertise. A quick swipe of a smart device over a NFC enabled piece of technology can make payment a snap and can provide you, the vendor with information that you can use to customize user experience. NFC technology is most commonly associated with the "digital wallet" which stores pertinent information for immediate purchases without the need for a credit card or other type of currency.

Perhaps the most cost effective characteristic of using NFC technology is your ability to collect information regarding customer's purchasing habits. This information can make your advertising campaigns far more cost effective than casting advertisements or coupons to the wind and hoping they land in the right lap. Instead, you can track every person who makes a purchase or opts-in for more information about your product or service. You'll have immediate access to spending habits and you can send offers to each customer based on these habits. This increases the likelihood that a customer will remain loyal to your brand and also increases the chances that they will make an additional purchase. This leverages the effectiveness of your NFC marketing campaigns in a way that cannot be duplicated with traditional forms of advertising.

Using NFC technology can also facilitate easier purchasing by customers. This feeds into the instant gratification characteristic that is enjoyed by many people using smart devices. Because customer information can be stored via NFC technology, purchases can be made without having to input all of your vital information which consumes time and energy and can also discourage purchasing. Once a purchase has been made, your customer can then opt to print out relevant information such as a receipt by also using NFC technology. This information too can be collected from customers and used to improve their purchasing experience.

The use of NFC technology can also help your reputation transcend a single customer. Nothing travels faster than word-of-mouth and NFC technology can enable your happy customers to spread the word about their satisfaction with your product or service. Mobile technologies including Bluetooth can allow users to share this kind of information simply by bringing their smart device within close proximity to that of a friend. No need for pens or paper, because the information, which could be a review of your company or video featuring your product or service, is transferred instantly to another person's device. Given the exponential nature of the Internet, this reputation can manage itself quite quickly and easily, from a single user. There aren't many advertising platforms that have the potential for that kind of leverage and at no cost to your company.

NFC technology is still in its relative infancy and although it's seen in use in smart phone apps and devices for prepaid toll access, the industry is projected to grow fivefold by 2015. Clearly, this is a technology that has the potential to grow your company in ways you couldn't have imagined not long ago.