Mobile Marketing and Social Media: A Powerful Combination

The mobile market isn't going anywhere but up and leveraging your campaigns is generally easy through click-throughs to websites or by engaging users in a meaningful way and providing them with value. Another effective way to leverage traffic to and from mobile devices is through the very powerful social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. These websites are a valuable source of free traffic and can drive that traffic to your mobile campaign. In addition, you can utilize your mobile campaigns to drive traffic to your company's social media website and leverage that into other venues. BY the year 2016, more than a billion people will have accessed their favorite social media websites by using a mobile device. The computer is fast becoming a dinosaur in terms of how people connect and your marketing campaigns should pay attention to this fundamental shift.

The primary thing to keep in mind when creating a mobile marketing campaign in the immediate and brief nature of mobile user experiences. Mobile users are on the go, typically in between work, school and other responsibilities in the middle of a busy day and they don't have time to weed through pages of information to get to your point. Considering that Twitter allows for just 160 characters in a message, brevity needs to be your priority. People who rely heavily on mobile media don't sit and relax and browse, they run and read and click and delete. This form of marketing is similar to the first and often the only impression made by a single-page resume. You get a single opportunity to engage and you need to do it in a few carefully chosen words with a call to action.

One of the most popular ways to integrate social and mobile medias is through the use of QR codes. These funky little black and white squares can be placed just about anywhere on your social media profile that you would put a picture. Tag that image and attach your website address to it and allow the search engines to index it. Use the QR code as a means for people to first scan it, then opt-in for offers and you have a mobile campaign that reaches a large number of people in a short period of time with little or no cost. How many other kinds of marketing are that easy and that effective? Even if you prefer not to do the work yourself, a mobile marketing company would charge a moderate fee to do all the work and you reap the benefits.

Remember that although you want to do everything to make an excellent first impression through mobile and social media, you want to avoid making complicated demands on your audience. No one wants to follow a link only to be greeted by an enormous form that takes several minutes to complete. A quick opt-in instead, for an email address or phone number, is more digestible and easier for mobile users to administer when on the run. You just have to be engaging enough to have the user perform a single quick action such as an email submit or clicking on an ad, provide them with something of value and allow the quality of your product or service to shine through.