QR Codes: Why Are They So Important For Your Business?

If you're a business owner, you are certainly savvy about controlling advertising costs but did you know that using QR codes can be one of the most cost effective ways to market your product or service? Although many QR codes are used to simply direct potential customers to your website or offer, they can also provide a venue for collecting additional information such as email or physical addresses or phone numbers.

How much would you normally spend to outsource data collection or opt-ins for email marketing campaigns? Using QR codes strategically can eliminate the need to outsource and all of the information can be sent to you in an easy to understand spreadsheet. If your business is strictly online, you may be missing potentially half of your customers who don't regularly use computers but who frequently use their mobile devices. Using QR technology in this respect helps you reach people in a way that ordinary advertising simply can't.

Because they are graphically represented, QR codes can also play a role in increasing your brand recognition. Unlike traditional text advertising, QR codes can be creatively placed in just about any graphic advertisement. This brings an aspect of fun to what might otherwise just be another ad that people ignore. QR codes can be added to product packaging, emails or SMS text messages so your customers always have a quick and immediate way to reach your website. Traditional forms of advertising like flyers have increased their value exponentially when you add a QR code. You haven't just made a single impression, you now have the potential to make several regular impressions. This keeps your company name at the forefront of your customer's mind when they are considering a purchase.

The bottom line about the importance of QR codes is that they can leverage your company into the most important one on your customer's minds and lists. QR codes cost nothing and incorporating them into every aspect of your product or service can generate additional revenue, making it a win-win proposition. Your company can become adept at collecting customer information and use this to create new products or services that again, can leverage a single QR code into a profitable niche market.