Text Marketing and Smart Phones: A Powerful Combination

Text messaging has been around since before the introduction of smart phones but since their inception, the text marketing industry has flourished. People are more likely to resort to texting someone than they are to call them, even though nearly half will admit that text messaging is less personal that speaking on the phone. Text marketing on a smart phone is also decidedly different than text marketing on a traditional mobile phone. In fact, according to one SMS marketing blog, nearly three quarters of all smart phone users will use a location-based coupon sent via text marketing. This statistic alone is a powerful motivation for using text marketing specifically for smart phones.

Being effective with text marketing to smart phones requires an understanding of the ways in which people use their smart phones. More than three quarters of all smart phone owners are using their device to find a product or service. This is in stark contrast to users of traditional mobile phones, who tend to use their device for communication. Of those individuals shopping on their smart phone, almost 40 percent will actually make a purchase. When was the last time you had odds like that? Smart phone users are more motivated to make a purchase, but that is contingent on the quality of your pitch, the text marketing you administer that should make them want to know more and eventually, make a purchase.

Smart phone users can be engaged in a variety of ways, unlike traditional mobile phone users who generally have the option only to click through or respond to a text. Text marketing can be tailored to these users by incorporating other aspects of smart phone technology such as QR graphics and NFC technology to enable instant use of a coupon or discount code. Encouraging users to download an app that will provide them with relevant and geotargeted information or discounts can also embed your company brand into their everyday smart phone usage. Apps that include games can also go viral and provide users with something that has a perceived value at little to no cost for your company.

Although text marketing is perhaps the most basic form of advertising, the advent of the smart phone has created a significant potential for leveraging engagement. From a single, well-written text message, you can encourage users to opt into receiving emails, text alerts, download apps, watch videos or simply visit your website. Few other forms of advertising are this powerful with a minimum amount of capitol investment. Keep in mind however that saying the wrong thing or worse, saying nothing, in text marketing is the kiss of death and can cause you to lose customers and revenue in a short period of time.