SMS Marketing

SMS stands for "short message service" and is the fastest growing segment of the mobile advertising market today. Mobile users are dynamic, with short bursts of interest and a brief window of opportunity to engage them. As a result, SMS is an efficient and cost effective way to meet the short attention span that is typical of mobile device users. SMS dictates that your first impression, which could be your only impression, is limited to 160 characters.

SMS marketing isn't as simple as disseminating text messages randomly to any phone numbers. Instead, the regulations regarding the use of this form of marketing generally require that customers and potential customers opt-in to receive messages. This is to reduce the incidence of spam or unwanted text messages that for some recipients, can cost money. The usual method for an opt0in is for a customer or potential one to text a number or code to the SMS service used by your company. This is a valid form of acceptance to receive offers and other information from a SMS service on behalf of your company.

The advantage to incorporating SMS into your marketing campaigns is the ability to reach an extraordinarily large number of people in a short period of time. Unlike traditional mail or media campaigns, the results of an SMS campaign tend to be realized in a short period of time. SMS marketing can also be used to track the purchasing habits of the individuals who opt to receive your messages, without the need for specialized software to retrieve the information. SMS marketing is often accomplished through the use of an SMS service, which can disseminate the messages and monitor the results, while complying with the standards of practice of the use of this type of marketing.

Other advantages to using SMS marketing include the ability to reach not only a national audience, but international audiences as well. This circumvents the high cost of international phone calls that make marketing to an otherwise valuable group as possible as marketing locally. SMS messages also tend to be more reliable and reach your target audience with deadly accuracy, unlike marketing campaigns like banner ads and traditional print media. Because customers have already opted in for your information, you aren't paying to advertise to people who will never become customers. Finally, SMS marketing can be utilized in a wide variety of platforms, from smart phones to pad devices, which are the fastest growing forms of web browsing today.