Marketing to Mobile Phones The Right Way

Marketing to mobile phones isn't the same as print or other forms of media. In fact, there are several things you need to consider when formatting any mobile marketing campaign for the public. When implemented, these factors can increase your user base by providing content to a wide variety of different mobile devices and maximizes the chances that a user will perform a call-to-action or opt in for additional information. Here are some steps to creating an effective mobile phone marketing campaign.

1. Be sure your campaigns is clearly defined. Your target audience, including the age group you will be marketing to, is an important factor that can and should direct the way you market. In addition, you'll want to have in place, a means to collect information regarding your campaigns, including the number os subscribers, opt-ins, coupons generated or click-throughs. Keeping track of this information will allow you to make changes as you go along, rather than just creating a campaign and allowing it to run its course. Determine what devices you want to create mobile campaigns for, including smart phones and pad computers. Each device has different parameters and may have a different audience that will respond differently to different versions of a campaign. Be prepared with versions for each and be prepared to make changes to them in response to their effectiveness.

2. Identify the target of each campaign's efforts. Will you be relying heavily on QR codes to draw traffic? If so, where are you going to take that traffic? Many novice advertisers will simply draw traffic to their website but this practice tends to push people away because you haven't defined a specific purpose for the visit. People have not moved away from the "what's in it for me" mentality, even in the mobile market. Codes can be used to direct users to local attractions, coupon codes, app downloads or opt-in signups for rewards. Users should know what they are getting into when they scan and use your codes.

3. Decide exactly what devices and which versions you want to support in your campaign. Every user does not have the most recent version of their smart phone or pad's operating system installed and in fact, many simply ignore the updates that appear. As a business owner building a mobile marketing campaign however, you need to have versions of your app, QR code or other technology that meet the needs of the largest audience. In some cases, having a version for every single device simply isn't financially possible and that's okay, as long as you target the most popular devices and the most popular versions of their operating systems.

4. Stay away from graphic intensity. Yes, most mobile devices can handle impressive graphic loads but you also need to keep in mind that many mobile users will be required to pay more for their phone or internet service if their usage surpasses their monthly cap. That alone can make a user unfriend your company in a hurry, so it's a good idea to keep graphics load to a moderate amount.