Mobile Marketing Through The Use of SMS Messaging

While they are often used interchangeably, mobile and SMS marketing are not exactly the same. SMS marketing is a type of mobile marketing but not all mobile marketing has to include the use of SMS. Using SMS messaging for marketing however, can be lucrative and also cost effective and the use of this type of marketing has increased significantly since the beginning of this century. SMS messages can reach customers and potential ones literally within a minute or two, making it perfect for the immediate nature of mobile marketing and the expectations of mobile users.

SMS messaging can be used for both immediate and intermediary events. Immediate events related to SMS text marketing include subscription opt-ins, coupon generation, providing relevant information and voting platforms. Forms of intermediary SMS messaging include direction of the user to a website, fan page, online fundraising event or long forms. Both types of SMS marketing have their uses in advertising, each related to the specificity of the information being given or received through the SMS message. SMS messaging can also be used to simply guide a user to a more complicated form of marketing that is not appropriate for the mobile format, such as lengthy text or graphics that can overload a mobile device.

Because SMS messaging is limited, usually to 160 characters or less, using a creative approach to advertising can make your brief initial impression one that creates a long term relationship with a customer. As an example of this type of creativity, one company created a mobile auction platform. Using this platform, the company sent off brief messages about bids on a specific item. Similarly, users sent brief texts in return to bid on the item. The users were engaged and the communication was brief but meaningful. As a result of the provision of something of perceived value, in this case, the auction experience or item won, the user was more likely to stay involved with the company.